Tickets & FAQs

Your Asheville Oktoberfest ticket includes a complimentary tasting mug, and opportunity to taste a variety of local, regional and national beers, ciders, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. There will also be live entertainment throughout the day from Lagerhosen, as well as games and activities. Your ticket does not include food, t-shirt or any other merchandise that will be available for sale.


Are children allowed at this event?

Oktoberfest is a beer and craft beverage festival and we do not encourage attendees under the age of 21. Children 5 and under may enter the festival at no cost, and anyone between the ages of 6 and 20 is required to purchase a child or designated driver ticket ($10). No exceptions.


Are tickets refundable?

No. All ticket sales are final.

Is there a limit on how much alcohol is served?

Please sample responsibly, the safety of our guests is important to us. Each participant will bring a limited amount of product to be served throughout the event. Samples of beer are 2oz, wine and cider are 1oz, and each attendees will be limited to only one sample from distilleries.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

What hotel options are available?

Hotels are booking fast for Oktoberfest weekend. We recommend booking your room ASAP. Downtown hotels within walking distance of the festival area include:

See more lodging options here.


Where should I park?

Do not drink and drive. Seriously y'all, don't do it.

Save the hassle and use our partner AVLRide. Use code OKTFEST and get $5 off two separate fares (so to the event and back).

If you drive, we recommend parking in the city garages. There is also a Buncombe County garage on College Street adjacent to the venue. See our parking and transit page for details about garages.

When purchasing multiple tickets, I was asked for names of each attendee. Can I purchase additional tickets without providing the names of those attendees?

Yes. Please just fill in your name, or a filler name. The ticket holder does not have to be registered in the same name as the ticket. However, all attendees must bring a valid ID to verify your age in order to get into the festival area.


Will food be available?

Yes, food is available for purchase. We will have some German-inspired options as well as pretzels, bratwursts and more.

Are dogs allowed in the event?

No, city ordinances do not allow pets at special events.


Can I volunteer?

Yes! Volunteer opportunities here. Volunteer opportunities will be open for Oktoberfest within one month of the event.

Photos by: IMA Photos & Images

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