Oktoberfest Packing Guide: What to Wear

Oktoberfest Packing

If you are a true beer-lover, there are numerous festivals that you can attend in Germany. Pack your backs and visit Germany anytime around the year, and you will find a festival that is serving you the best home-brewed beer to enjoy. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals of them all, which you cannot miss if you are traveling to Germany around the autumn season. There are numerous activities to do in this festival, from listening to international music artists to be a part of the ethnic celebration with the right type of costume for the occasion.

The traditional attire for Oktoberfest is the Bavarian attire of Germany, where men wear lederhosen, and women wear dirndls.

The dirndls are typically a three-piece attire, which includes a blouse, a skirt, and an apron. You can purchase all the three parts of dirndl from the same shop. The apron signifies the marital status of women from the way they wear it. Tying it on the left side signifies that you are single and on the right side means you are taken or married. Wearing it on the front signifies, you are a virgin, although not many women like to wear it in this manner.

Men also enjoy wearing traditional lederhosen, which brings the true spirit of drinking beer and celebrating Oktoberfest. Lederhosen is traditional wear that is knee-length leather shorts held up with suspenders. They are worn as a tradition in Bavaria and Tyrol. Although for the natives, it may not be a big deal, the travelers find them cool and convenient. Lederhosen may not come with a traditional white shirt, but you can find a white shirt in almost every clothing store.

Oktoberfest accessories for women



In addition, you can also wear some cool accessories to match your outfit. One of the common accessories is the traditional Bavarian choker. Oktoberfest is the time when you will see most of the women wearing a choker. You can also purchase pretzel-themed jewelry just for the occasion. Some women also like to wear a flower crown to look important and extra beautiful. Flower crowns are generally worn by married women to signify more experience, like a queen.

Here is what you should pack for Oktoberfest

When you are packing exclusively for Oktoberfest, here are the must-have things for your backpack. Have a small bag to carry around easily while you leave your other luggage in your hotel room.


Sunglasses will help you enjoy roaming around the fest and trying out different types of beers without having to get attacked by the sun. Many beer tents may have outdoor seating, and you will need sunglasses to keep your eyes cool.

Good shoes


You will be walking the entire day from one beer tent to another, so you will also need a good pair of shoes. Try getting white sneakers or high ankle leather boots to compliment your traditional attire.

Hangover cure

You will definitely need a tonic to cure your hangover to get back the next day. Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival, and you cannot miss a day due to a sloppy hangover.

Oktoberfest Packing Guide: What to Wear

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