Oktoberfest: Everything You Need to Know


Oktoberfest is a name that people all across the globe have become familiar with. Flights to Munich are always out of seats in the last quarter of every year, the reason being the attractive elements of this fest. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s best parties, and loads of fun are guaranteed for every visitor. There are no reasons to skip such an event when it is being held near your place. If you are new to this party, you need to know certain facts about it before heading over to the fun and intoxication. Here are some of the most important aspects of Oktoberfest you need to know.

1.      Weisn is the Name

You may come across plenty of names when at the fest because people like to have fun with the names of each tent. Although it is called Oktoberfest, the locals call it Weisn. The festival of grounds (Theresienwiese) is the name that gets a diminutive in the colloquial way of saying things. Oktoberfest is a term you are less likely to come across once you reach Munich. Most of the visitors will allude to it as Weisn; so, you must get used to enunciating it the right way.

2.      Tickets are Not Required

Except for the people who have already been to the party, not many others may be aware that it costs you nothing to enter the grounds. Tables at the tents have to be booked in advance, but the money you spend will be paid off with the luxuries you are served with at the fest. Since it is free of cost, thousands of people from many parts of the world fly over to the city for a sip of the entertainment at the fest. So, you have to get there early so that you don’t miss the chance to enter. Evenings and weekends are always busy; aim to reach the destination before the gates are closed.


3.      Carry Cash and Coins

One of the most important points to bear in mind is that you need to carry cash and coins when visiting the fest. Cards are not accepted at any stall or restaurant. Cash machines are available sporadically on site, but the queue and extra fees will dispirit you even before you have tasted half the fun. Carrying at least 50-100 euros per person would be ideal. Some coins to tip the waiters must also be in your wallet while at the party. Also, make sure you tip each time you buy something since it is a part of the fest’s etiquette.

4.      There is More than Just Beer

While most people consider Oktoberfest as a beer party with numerous tents, it is more than just that. You can find multiple food stalls, fair games, carnival rides, and much more at the event. When you are at Weisn, make sure to explore all the festival ground activities before leaving for the day.


Oktoberfest: Everything You Need to Know

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